People run for many different reasons, whether for weight loss or improved cardiovascular health. But did you know that running could be an effective way to strengthen one’s faith as well?

Run for God – The 5K Challenge is a twelve week Bible Study that parallels faith and endurance all while taking those who have never run to their first 5K. This comprehensive Instructor’s Kit makes it easy for you to lead yourself or an entire class through The 5K Challenge. Each week this study is broken down into step-by-step instructions making it possible for anyone, yes anyone to lead a class.

The 5K Challenge is designed for all levels of runners. From those who consider themselves a runner, those who “once” considered themselves a runner, to those who “never thought they would” consider themselves a runner. Run for God is known for taking those “I Can’t” comments and turning them into “I Did”.

So go ahead, take a chance, try something new, and teach a Run for God class. Whether you are taking the class or teaching the class, it WILL change your life.

Class Outline
  • Chapter 1 Shoes
  • Chapter 2 Gear
  • Chapter 3 Injuries & Injury Prevention
  • Chapter 4 Stretching & Core Exercises
  • Chapter 5 Basic Nutrition
  • Chapter 6 Weight Loss Misconceptions
  • Chapter 7 Motivation, Yes You Can
  • Chapter 8 When a 5-minute mile equals a 15-minute mile
  • Chapter 9 What is Run For God? Are you ready?
  • Chapter 10 Moving past the question. Steps to peace with God.
  • Chapter 11 Lifestyle vs. 12-weeks
  • Chapter 12 Race Day
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Curious what a Run for God class can do for a church? God can use anything for His Glory!

There's no limit to what can happen when pastors believe their main job is to unleash members to serve out of their gifts and passion--and when members say "yes" to God's call to step up and step out. Meet senior pastor Jim Wilson and courageous unpaid leader Ben Reed---and see what God can do to transform a church through Bible study, faith development, and a shared interest.

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Whether you are taking it or teaching it the class will change your life.

Go behind the scenes of a Run for God class and you’ll see that our Instructors are the hands and feet of this ministry.


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